Chimney Caps and Chimney Flashings

We can replace the old rusty chimney cap on your home with a new copper or stainless steel chimney cap that will last for the next 50 years.

Every chimney cap that we replace is custom-made to fit your home style. We have a three-step program to replace your chimney cap.

First, we remove the old one and cover the chimney chase with plywood. Second, we take the old chimney cap to our shop and custom fabricate a new one that will fit perfectly.

Third, we install the new chimney cap and connect the interior tubes to the new chimney cap.

Chimney Rebuilding

Whether it be a small crown replacement, partial rebuilds from the roof line up, or total rebuilds. We not only repair chimneys but we also have the knowledge to figure out what has caused a chimney to go bad in the first place. 99% of chimneys that go bad are those with improperly sized furnace liners. This is just sheer laziness on the part of the previous installer.


If your situation requires chimney rebuilding from the roof line up and the remainder of the chimney is inside the home then you have the option of choosing basically any color or style of brick that matches the decor of your home, and we do our very best to accommodate you.

Magic Improvement can help you in servicing conventional wood-burning fireplaces, wood stove inserts, free-standing stoves or vented gas log fireplaces. We also specialize in fireplace and chimney safety and troubleshooting. Magic Improvementwill provide a complete inspection of your chimney and recommend the best plan to bring your chimney up to maximum safety regulations.

Recent Completed Chimney Projects